Is this a face that would lie about marketing to arctic beasts?
My mother would say, "No."

Hannah Bodily


Communication is difficult, but what if it wasn't?

If you hire me, a student of both visual and verbal arts, I can bring your brand, message, or story into the hearts and minds of any audience.

"Even polar bears?" you ask.

Even the beloved influencers of the Arctic are not immune to stunning, research-based design or the magnetism of a compelling narrative.


What are you waiting for? Let's sell them some ice (or whatever).




Packaging Design & Copywriting

Rebellious student package design concept for Urban Decay.

Responsive Website Redesign

Layout, Interaction, &

Logo Design

Bringing a successful non-profit the online visual presence they deserve for a class project. Logo/branding project for separate class  coming soon!!

PV Alpine
Ski Camps
Ad Campaign

Videography, Motion Graphics,

& Copywriting

A series of advertisements showcasing what makes PVA the "Best Kept Secret in Ski Racing."

FF Unit Type Specimen

Publication & Layout Design

A booklet inspired by the posters of the Works Progress Administration lauding the FF Unit Super Family.

"Unsatisfying GIF"

Animation & Graphic Design

A groovy gif with an unsatisfying – but familiar – ending.

TEDx Poster

Hand Lettering & Layout Design

Bringing the life and energy of Tom Thum's boisterous vocals to the visual realm.

The Long Walk Title Sequence

Motion Design

A student project reimagining Stephen King's novel The Long Walk as a movie title sequence set to a baleful John Prine track.

The teens of this novel walked so that The Hunger Games darlings could run. Literally.

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